Somalia – Yet Another Missed Opportunity

13 May

It was January, 2011 when Somalis had gathered for the 16th attempt to put their house in order with the backing of the international support. The then government led by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and his Prime Minister Abdiweli Ali Gas had pushed for a new roadmap which resulted in an ad hoc handpicked parliamentarians and the election of the executive bodies of a new government. Most Somalis had shown a great deal of enthusiasm and hope that finally a government with some degree of legitimacy had been put in place by a parliament handpicked by the traditional clan elders. It had been presumed that the rein of the ailing nation was in safe hands that will put it back on course.

However, this enthusiasm vanished fast like a foam blown by a breeze when the Somali mainstream realized that a clique with hypocritical motives no better than its predecessors assumed power through corruption and with the help of international aid money.  Press on the text to open.


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