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Somalia’s insurmountable Impediment and Possible Exit of the Maze

Somalia’s insurmountable Impediment and Possible Exit of the Maze

Somalia’s pacification drive stalemates and the impediments look insurmountable. A host of strategies from different angles is attributed to that lack of progress. These impediments are laid by many political circles both local and international actors who have diverse stakes. Some of these actors are known traditional adversaries of Somalia. Other more dangerous ones are either indigenous actors who are subservient to international interest groups. These holdups come from two fronts, namely the international front and the local front:


Somali 2016-Vision marred by Federal Government Sponsored Galkaio Conflict

Galkaio, the capital city of Mudug Region, is ablaze with the Damjadid-sponsored clan conflict. The inhabitants of the city were displaced. Scores of people either died or were wounded. The militias trained as national government army were deployed for this heinous crime in support of one side of the conflict. In addition, the deployment of AMISOM troops in Mudug Region is in the pipeline to ensure Damjadid-dominated Federal government’s political ambitions to extend its term.


Galkaio – A battleground for Vision-2016 Electioneering

Galkaio – A battleground for Vision-2016 Electioneering

On 23rd of November, clan conflict started in Galkaio, the capital city of Mudug. The conflict was part of a greater strategy pursued by Damjadid government in Mogadishu. The pretext was the construction of 130-meter tarmac road in Garsoor neighborhood of the city which was to be paved by Puntland. Militias from Galmudug Administration invaded the municipality workers who were paving the road. Three workers died in the incident and 40 civilians were wounded by shrapnels from Howitzers fired from Galmudug side.


Somalia’s Regression, UN Envoy’s Misdirection and the likely Roadmap

The government in Mogadishu paves the way for yet another civil war, the likes of those conflicts in 1990s. Whatever has been gained so far in Somali pacification is thrown out to the wolves. The adopted constitution agreed by Somali government and the then state governments is unilaterally violated in a deliberate attempt to derail the federal process which was has been recognized as the only exit from the perennial chaos Somali has been going through for a quarter of a century.


Somalia – Yet Another Missed Opportunity

It was January, 2011 when Somalis had gathered for the 16th attempt to put their house in order with the backing of the international support. The then government led by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and his Prime Minister Abdiweli Ali Gas had pushed for a new roadmap which resulted in an ad hoc handpicked parliamentarians and the election of the executive bodies of a new government. Most Somalis had shown a great deal of enthusiasm and hope that finally a government with some degree of legitimacy had been put in place by a parliament handpicked by the traditional clan elders. It had been presumed that the rein of the ailing nation was in safe hands that will put it back on course.

However, this enthusiasm vanished fast like a foam blown by a breeze when the Somali mainstream realized that a clique with hypocritical motives no better than its predecessors assumed power through corruption and with the help of international aid money.  Press on the text to open.


                                   Habac Isimmada Puntland iyo Hadal-hayska Maanta
Dadka reer Puntland baa isweydiinaya habac iyo tayo-xumada ka soo hartay isimmadii Puntland oo loo yiqiin maaraynta arrin kasta oo deggaankaas la soo derista. Isimmadu waxay ahaayeen kuwii Puntland ka badbaadiyey inay ku dayato dhaqan-habawga iyo jaah-wareerka koofurta kale ka dhacay kaddib markii ay dawladdii dhexe ee Soomaaliyeed ay meesha ka baxday oo dagaalka sokeeye bilawdey. Isimmadaas waxay dhidibbada u taageen maamul hanaqaaday oo sababay inay Puntland ka badbaaddo basar-xumo badan, Soomaali oo dhanna u noqoto mambac baanta qarannimo loogu istaago.


Somalia’s Dimming Ray of Hope

The ray of hope in Somali reconciliation and restitution on federal basis is fast dimming prematurely due to the parochial leadership and misrule. The history of the formation of the current federal-turned-depraved institutions started with enthusiastic plan prescribed in what was called “The Somali road map”. This resulted in the setup of ad hoc lawmakers injudiciously considered to be the best breed, assumed to be equipped with workable qualifications that will lead the country on the federal path.