Somalia’s Regression, UN Envoy’s Misdirection and the likely Roadmap

The government in Mogadishu paves the way for yet another civil war, the likes of those conflicts in 1990s. Whatever has been gained so far in Somali pacification is thrown out to the wolves. The adopted constitution agreed by Somali government and the then state governments is unilaterally violated in a deliberate attempt to derail the federal process which was has been recognized as the only exit from the perennial chaos Somali has been going through for a quarter of a century.


Somalia – Yet Another Missed Opportunity

It was January, 2011 when Somalis had gathered for the 16th attempt to put their house in order with the backing of the international support. The then government led by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and his Prime Minister Abdiweli Ali Gas had pushed for a new roadmap which resulted in an ad hoc handpicked parliamentarians and the election of the executive bodies of a new government. Most Somalis had shown a great deal of enthusiasm and hope that finally a government with some degree of legitimacy had been put in place by a parliament handpicked by the traditional clan elders. It had been presumed that the rein of the ailing nation was in safe hands that will put it back on course.

However, this enthusiasm vanished fast like a foam blown by a breeze when the Somali mainstream realized that a clique with hypocritical motives no better than its predecessors assumed power through corruption and with the help of international aid money.  Press on the text to open.


Bridehood and Somali Custom’s Yardstick

When the time to look for a bride comes in a setting where arranged marriages are in vogue, yardsticks used to get a suitable bride is a hustle. The older generation’s yardsticks might not compatible with the new couple’s preferences. This short story depicts this conflict and the norms adhered to. Nuptial ambitions are nipped in bud to satisfy the demands of these norms. A young groom is forced to abandon the bride of his choice by his culture.


No Room for Doubt

No Room for Doubt is catching short story which reflects on the Somali nomadic culture – their lifestyles, their concerns, the terms of their peculiar tradition and above all their family relationships. The story characterizes common practices in the countryside. A rumored elopement of a couple rekindles old wounds of clan-charged vendetta between communities.


Jidkii Jaxiimaad ee Badbaada

Tani waa sheeko dhiillo xambaaran oo ay mudatay afo dhallinyaro ah oo rugteedii iyo riyadeediiba ay baabbi’iyeen qaska iyo qalaanka Soomaaliya ka dhacay qarnigii labaatamaad dhammaadkiisii. Waxay miciin biddey inay duurka xusho oo ay harjad habar-dugaag hawdka kula la dhuumashaalowdo ilaa ay markii dambe gaadho xeryahaha qaxootiga ee Yemen dabadeedna uga sii gudubto dalka Maraykan.


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Hellish Journey to Survival

This is a moving story of a young lady whose home and hopes were shattered by the anarchy in Somalia. She wandered in the woods, played hide and seek with the wilderness and final made her way to a refugee camp in Yemen and then to the United States of America.


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Somalia laments the Past with a Loss of a Hero




Somalia Laments the Past with a Loss of a Hero



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