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Somalia laments the Past with a Loss of a Hero




Somalia Laments the Past with a Loss of a Hero



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A New Somali Federal State on its Feet

Jubbaland, a new federal Somali State, is born against the will of the federalism-phobic sectarian government in Mogadishu. The new State comprises of three of the former eighteen regions of Somalia existing regions before the country slipped into chaos. Jubbaland brings together Upper Jubba, Lower Jubba and Gedo regions.


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Qarannimada Soomaaliyeed oo Sariirteedii Dhimashada Saaran

Qarannimada Soomaaliyeed waxay saaran tahay sariirtii dhimashada. Rajo badan kama qabto inay ka kacayso oo mar uun ay biskoon doonto. Qiil bay u haysaa rajo-xumadeeda. Waxay la-hayste u noqotay xoogag shareed oo afar is-kaabaya ah – qabyaalad indho la’, qawlaysato hamuuman, qorsheyaal shisheeye iyo qax dhaqami ah. 


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Al-Shabab is Not the Only Culprit of Somalia’s Ills.

As Al-Shabab ebbs away of Mogadishu, it is a sigh of relief for the Transitional Government (TFG), the AMISOM  troops and the war-weary inhabitants of Mogadishu, but this is not the end of Somalia’s problems. Al-Shabab has just been one of many insuperable problems that had been agonizing the unfortunate country and its people.


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The Somali Drought: Partially Man-Made and Partially a Natural Calamity

This Somali drought and famine is partially man-made and partially a natural disaster. The hodgepodge of factors created the current humanitarian crisis and need to be equally dealt with if the recurrence is to be avoided.


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What-ifs on Somalia’s Political Stalemate

Somalia is at the crossroads. Its National boat is piloted by the International Community which is wary and tactless about steering it to the way forward. This article examines the possible scenarios.


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And Now the Diaspora Fails to Jump through the Hoop

Contrary to the expectation that Somalia’s mayhem is wholly attributed to the fact that it was deprived of its best brains by immigration, the repatriated Diaspora has failed to come up to the expectations.